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Ladies, See How To Know When A Guy Is Still A Virgin

1. He is Very Shy About Touching You
He asks for permission before touching your body... A guy who has had s£x at least once will not be so shy of touching a girl. In fact shyness towards the opposite se x reduces in men who have been intimate before. You cannot completely say a guy is a virgin just because he is shy about being intimate, but it’s a strong sign. So if a guy is shy about touching you, especially at the private and intimate body parts, it shows that he is still a virgin.

2. He Dresses Awkwardly
Most virgin males tend to have an embarrassing dress sense. This is usually so, because they believe they don't have much reasons to pay attention to their dressing because they’ve not experienced what s£x is like. This usually begins to improve the moment they meet the girl they like but even at that, it is still noticeable to the smart ladies.

3. He Kisses Awkwardly
That a guy is a bad ki sser does not mean he is a virgin oh. But if a guy kisses awkwardly, in a very shy manner, it’s almost a sure sign that he is a virgin. If a guy is pretty good at kissing you can be sure that he is not a vir gin no matter what he says. Kissing takes practice and people get good at it with experience. Another sign to look out for is whether he closes his eyes while kissing, most virgins tend to do that a lot. * lol..

4. Usually Quiet, Shy, and has poor social skills
Male virgins are usually quiet, reserved and act in a feminine manner. they have a cowardly behavior, appear passive in interactions and have poor social skills. Male vir gins are also timid and shy and usually do not know how to ask a lady out and make out with her. A lot o f them would rather ask out a lady on the phone or through social media than face to face.

5. He Has a Very Quick Org asm
If it’s his first intim ate experience in lo ve making, he is going to orga sm quickly. Some vir gin guys tend to Erupt even before entering or as soon as they enter. The first experience is always a nervous one for a guy because he will be constantly thinking about how he is performing, and he will get aroused at the slightest act of in timacy on your part causing him to Eru pt quickly. Guys with experience can control themselves a lot better.

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