Friday, 27 November 2015

6 Things Your Partner Wishes You Would Do More

Just like women, there are also a few things men need from their partner in a relationship, to make them feel appreciated and loved.

Some are listed below;

1. Respect him: A man is more likely to be satisfied in his relationship if he feels like he is respected by his woman. He wants to believe she considers him someone of honour and someone she is proud to call hers. Remind him that you respect him and show him that, through your attitude towards him.

2. Admire him: While women want to be reminded that they are beautiful, a man wants to feel admired by his partner. This is one of the reasons why a man would find himself being attracted to his subordinate as opposed to his superior. He wants someone who sees him as a man to be admired and be in awe of.

3. Give him space: Men and women process situations differently. While a woman is more likely to share her feelings to feel relief, most men would usually need some space to sort through their issues. When this happens, a man would need his partner to understand and give him his needed space without her making him feel bad about it.

4. Care for him: Men love to be cared for. They like to be nurtured through different ways. What this entails depends on the kind of relationship you share; it could be through cooking for him, massaging him, or doing all the other things he likes.

5. Be on his side: A man likes to feel like his partner is on his side, even during times she disagrees with him. He needs someone who os willing to take his side against any others and willing to understand his perspectives. He needs a relationship where he feels like his partner is his team-mate and not his opponent.

6. Support his decisions: Not only should a woman be on her man’s side, she should also be able to support the decisions he makes regarding the relationship and other aspect of his and his partner’s lives. She should be able understand the reasons behind decisions he makes and find ways to assist him in making his plans come to fruition.

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